Orthodontic Braces

Designing your smile with Orthodontic Braces

Most important reason for having Orthodontic Braces

  • To correct dental-facial and cranial facial irregularities.
  • Have healthier teeth & gums.
  • Ability to chew better.

What can orthodontic do for you?

  • Improving Appearance
  • Decrease the likelihood of good disease
  • loss of teeth by relieving stress on gums & bones
  • Estimate speech problems caused by protracting or misaligned teeth.
  • Help reduce & treat jaw joint difficulties.
  • Lower the incidence of decay in crowded overlapping teeth which can become food trap area.
  • Make the jawbone develop so there is less need to extract adult teeth.
  • Help correct poorly grown jaws in adults with a combination of orthodontics and jaw surgery.

When is the best time for treatment

  • Between the ages of five & seven, the front permanent teeth begin to come into the mouth, and at this time, overbite and crowding become noticeable.
  • The ideal time to begin early treatment to take advantage of a child's growing bones to achieve the best treatment results.

Adults make good candidates for braces

  • Saving teeth and better showing abilities are prime reasons for adult orthodontics crooked tooth and bad bites often forerunners of gum disease.
  • Regardless of age, everyone can have orthodontic┬átreatment if they have teeth.